Phone Card Rate, US$ Connection Fee Billing Increment Details Local access availability
Yabb Out 2 ¢/min Nil 1 min
Yabb Out Yabb Out
Rate, US$: 2 ¢/min
Connection Fee: Nil
Billing Increment: 1 min
Yabb Out
Price Talk Time  
US$ 0.00 0min
This phone card can also be used to call from Canada back to United States (landline) at 2 ¢/minute and to United States (mobile) at 2 ¢/minute

Rate per minute and connection fees are GST inclusive

Prefix +1 800, +1 844, +1 855, +1 866, +1 877 and +1 888 are toll free numbers and will be charged at a higher rate or may be blocked.