Web to SMS is a great new way to send SMS messages from your internet browser. YABB offers you a inexpensive yet feature packed service which allows you to send text messages from our service.

The YABB cost advantage

Compare YABB to other web to SMS providers, and you quickly realise it offers simply the best value for money in Australia. The most you will ever pay for a standard SMS with YABB is 7.9c, less if you purchase higher volume message packages, compare that to some of the other well known companies such as Telstra 19c to 25c, Iprimus 18c, mbox 13c, Optus 25c and Three 24c. Also many of our competitors tie you into a contract plan or minimum monthly spend. YABB offers the cheapest Australian originated SMS in the country, with outstanding features and reliability. Try us for free, and see. back to top>

No contacts, no commitments

With YABB there is no hidden fees or charges, no contract periods, no commitments at all. We won't force you into paying for anything you don't order yourself, and our minimum package is just $7.90. We give you the greatest flexibility possible. back to top>

Multiuser accounts

With our multiuser feature you can let your friends or employees use your credits to send messages without giving them your password. This is done by making them a sub-user of your account. To make someone a sub-user simply ask them to join our service and give you their username that they selected when they signed up (they do not have to give you their password). Login to your account and go to the New SMS page. Click on the box to the right of "Please use another user's account" and add your friend or employees username in the box provided and click on the "Attach" button. Your friend or employee is now a sub-user on your account and the credits for the messages they send will be deducted from the credits in your account. Your sub-user can revert back to using their own credit and mobile number by pressing the "Detach" button in the same area in their account. You will be able to see the messages sent by your sub-users in your "Sent SMS" box, but they will not be able to see the massages that you send. There is no limit to the number of sub-users you can have on your account. back to top>

Auto Contact Group Creation

When you set up a contact group you can allow people to automatically join your group by sending an SMS with a keyword to one of our mobile numbers. People that SMS this keyword to our mobile number will automatically appear in your contact book. People that are in your contact group can also leave the group by sending a keyword to the same mobile number. Our group messaging feature also allows you to give people in your contact group rights to allow them to send Group SMS to all members in the group from their mobile phone. This feature can be handy for social or sports clubs where a few members of the club (eg: leaders of the club) need to constantly send messages to everybody in the club. How to use it? back to top>

SMS Offers and Discount Coupons with an Opt-out option

Using our Special Offers feature you can easily set up an SMS blast to send out discount codes and special offers to your customers where your customers can elect to opt-out of future SMS offers by replying with the word "OPT-OUT". Customers that have opted-out can elect to receive offers again by replying to your SMS with the word "OPT-IN". How do I do this? back to top>