• Texts, Calls and More

    Free texting, calling, videos and voice lets you keep in touch how you want.
    If you can think it, you can Yabb it. Send text messages or start group chats, call all your friends from anywhere in the world, and even send voice messages, all from Yabb's quick and intuitive chat screen. Create videos and share them with friends, or snap quick pics and apply effects and meme text to create your own little works of art. You can even share your favorite YouTube videos by linking them straight through the app. Simply put, Yabb is communication on your terms.
  • Free Calls - Anywhere

    No phone number required.
    It's been years since phones ditched their cords, so why do today's calling and texting plans still feel so restrictive? Yabb gives you all the freedom you've been craving, freedom to call anyone, anywhere, at any time, with no crazy international calling fees or texting caps. No matter where in the world you and your friends are, you can count on Yabb.
  • Fun Animated Stickers

    Check out our unique emojis!
    Sure, texting your friends is fun and all, but wouldn't it be better with a surfing koala delivering your messages? Yeah, we thought so. Yabb has a small army of exclusive animated emoji characters, so even when you're at a loss for words, you'll still have plenty to say. Check out our static emoticons for even more fun!
  • Disappearing texts

    Messages vanish when you say.
    Switch to Whisper mode with a single swipe, and send all types of messages that disappear once they've been read. Unlike other apps, any kind of Yabb message can be turned into a Whisper message. Send GPS coordinates, text messages, videos, photos and more, and watch them disappear from both phones seconds after they're viewed. Set a custom timer of anywhere from 1 to 15 seconds, and then - POOF! - our messaging magicians will make your texts and photos vanish into thin air.
  • Customize Everything

    Set custom colors & backgrounds!
    If there's one thing that Yabb's all about, it's choices. Choose how you want to talk with your friends, how long you want your messages to be viewable for, and how you express yourself with unique stickers and emojis. Change Yabb's color scheme to match your phone, create custom backgrounds for your chats, and set sound and vibration options for each chat. You can even customize your photos from within the app with tons of built-in effects, stickers, frames and more.