How To Set Up Your eSIM

What You Get With Yabb

A complete communication service: eSIM, calling, texting and virtual numbers available.

Travel to 200+ countries: travel to all of your favourite destinations and stay in touch with friends and family.

Instant eSIM delivery: Scan the QR code that we send to you after your purchase to activate it.

All in one app: Call, text and video call all inside one handy app, no need to combine different communication services together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yabb flips the typical payment model for international data on its head. Instead of locking users into confusing contracts with expensive monthly fees, Yabb only charges for the mobile data you actually end up using. This pay-as-you-go approach breaks away from the norm of overpriced roaming rates that often hammer travelers with headaches and hard-to-believe bills. With rates up to 90% less than roaming, Yabb enables worry-free data whenever you need it abroad. The days of excessive roaming fees are over. Now, you can simply access affordable data on-the-go rather than complex packages filled with limitations. Yabb provides freedom and transparency with mobile data tailored to you.

Yabb does away with traditional physical SIM cards entirely. Instead, they utilize cutting-edge eSIM technology for seamless roaming across the globe. An eSIM acts as a digital SIM card downloaded straight to your compatible device. Once the Yabb eSIM is active, you can roam through country after country with high-speed data without swapping out multiple cards.