Express Yourself with Animated Stickers!

Texting is great, but it’s impossible to deny that in-person interactions grant so many more opportunities for self-expression. Laughing together over a great joke. Sharing a subtle smile with your best friend. Giving someone the stink eye really, really hard. These are the sorts of interactions that we miss out on when we rely on texting to communicate with our friends.

Emoticons have been a big step towards solving that problem. It seems like there’s an emoticon for any situation, whether you’re laughing until you can’t breathe, crying your eyes out, or, for the iOS users out there, if you’re shopping for eggplants when a dragon suddenly appears.

…Yeah, we don’t really get those, either.

The point is that emoticons are great at adding flair and flavor to your text messages. But even they have their limits. Both Android and iOS only feature standard, static emoji by default. Any emotions or actions that might require a little animation – jumping for joy or falling over laughing, for example – are still left for the imagination to fill in.

Luckily, Yabb offers an army of [animated emoji] for just such occasions. Our emoji are bursting at the seams with feeling, and feature unique characters that are sure to add some personality to any chat. Now you can flip the table, practice karate and profess your undying love through fun animations and cute characters, straight from your Yabb text conversations!

Of course our emojis, like all of our other core features, are totally free, no matter where in the world you are!

And if you happen to be in the mood for a more static conversation, Yabb can accommodate you there as well. We have over 30 built-in emoticons with unique artwork, each of which is totally different than the ones you can find built into your phone. From holiday characters to ninjas, devils to karate masters, and clowns to bikers, Yabb has a built-in emoticon for everyone. And not to beat a dead horse here, but they’re all – you guessed it –free. None of those annoying in-app purchases are required to unlock more.

Both Yabb’s static and animated emojis are totally compatible with the other features we’ve discussed on the blog. Like regular text messages, they are free to send and can be broadcast across the world via any sort of data connection – Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G will work.

All of our static emoticons are also compatible with Yabb’s secret Whisper messages, so all you have to do to hide them is swipe your text box to the right. You’ll see the text box turn black, indicating that your emoticons will surprise anyone who unlocks them, before disappearing after being read.

And of course, like most emoticons, Yabb’s can be typed out as well as punched out from the emoticon keyboard. Simply arrange your text in brackets like this – {ninja} – and you’ll have yourself a sneaky emoticon ready to infiltrate your friend’s phone.

Yabb’s massive library of expressions is yet another way that we help you yabb how you want, when you want. With over 75 built-in emoticons and animated emojis, you’re sure to find something that’ll make you 😀