Get to Know: Chilly Bear

Have you ever wanted to meet, like, a really cool dude? You know, someone you can just kick back and chill with? Someone who never makes you struggle to break the ice? Introducing Chilly Bear, Yabb’s very own bringer of good times and chill vibes! Chilly Bear is your go-to guy when you’re looking for […]

Fantasy Football with Yabb

It’s almost Fall, and all of the football fans out there know what that means – it’s time to start drafting for your fantasy league! As anyone who religiously follows NFL drafts, player news and team rosters knows, the drafting process can be a contentious and unpredictable one. And that’s just the professional drafts. Drafting […]

Back to School with Yabb

Is it that time again already? The time for pencils to be sharpened, books to be bought, and apples to be polished? Yep, that’s right – like it or not, it’s back to school time. It’s time to join hundreds of thousands of your fellow students in pursuit of higher education, friendship and fun. And […]

Text Message Reply with History

Yabb Messenger offers tons of options for users to chat with each other. Talk on the phone, send free text messages to all of your contacts, start up a group message to chat with friends, or even meet new people near you. The options for talking in Yabb are just about endless. But when you […]

Sharing Pictures and Videos with Yabb!

There’s nothing better than kicking back and relaxing with some friends, watching videos and sharing your favorite moments in good company. The internet, in all its glory, can have you crying from laughter, jamming to a great song, and experiencing new places and people all in quick succession. That’s just one of the many reasons […]

Find Friends Nearby with Yabb!

Billions of people live on this planet. It’s a number so staggering that it’s hard to even picture. After all, it’s nearly impossible to imagine all of the people out there who you may never get to meet or talk to. You probably interact with at least couple people every day, if you’re lucky, but […]

Send Group Messages

Whether you’re throwing a party or just hosting a group study session, there’s nothing more exciting than getting together with all of your friends. The sort of fun that emerges from getting all of your favorite people together in one place is hard to replicate anywhere else, and can bring out the best in any […]

Photo Filters

When most people think of Yabb, the first thing that comes to mind is free calling and texting. But what many people don’t realize is that the app also includes a full-featured photo editor that rivals most of the standalone editing apps out there in terms of power and flexibility. That’s right – Not only […]