Free Messaging and Easy Sign Up with Yabb!

Where can I find the best free messaging app without any hurdles to jump through? We all just want to chat with abandon and not have to worry about fees and any hidden costs that may come our way! Is there anything simple that solves all of these problems for me?

In this day and age, in order to enjoy a simple conversation with friends, family or even random strangers, you have to jump through multiple hoops to even send out a quick “Hi!” or a “Where are you?”

Before you can even begin to chat on popular sites or apps, you have to set up an account, verify that you’re a human, go through a government background check and sign over your first born child before you’re even given the chance to see a site’s Terms and Conditions. And that’s all before you’re even allowed to see if the website or the app is the right one for you!

Sites like Facebook make you set up elaborate accounts before you’re even given the option to message a friend. We don’t want billions of people knowing all of my information; why do you think we’re all looking for a convenient way to chat?

Find a sweet free messaging app to download? Awesome, let’s use it. But first, let me enter my entire life history into the app to access the chat I’ll shoot you a message in a second.

Yabb doesn’t make it hard for you to decide if you want to divulge all your information or not. Yabb only uses your phone number.

The signup process is only 30 seconds, just enter your phone number and verify it! It’s super simple to get yabbing.

And then there’s the entire idea of text messaging. On any mobile carrier, you’re forced to fork out a bunch of money each month to even get the privilege to chat with your friends. It may be you, your parents or someone who’s really kind; either way, there’s an unneeded fee to be paying just to be able to talk to someone.

You may have unlimited text messaging, which costs a pretty penny, or you may be limited to 200 texts a month. That’s no way to live! Being able to keep in touch with everyone you love and want to talk to shouldn’t be tired to a cost.

Thankfully, Yabb brings you free and unlimited chat and text messaging. It’s clear and simple; no catches.

All you need to do is connect to your friends and family by inviting them directly through Yabb! It’s only a handful of seconds to get from start to chat. From sending simple messages to carrying on long conversations, Yabb will be there for you.

Yabb’s loaded with tons of never-before-seen smileys and emojis you can use in all of your messages! All of the free messages you’re sending can have your personal flare. Express yourself with all of the sweet emoticons you need to accurately show your friend how you’re feeling; with tons more on the way!

Free messaging doesn’t just stop there. Yabb lets you talk to anyone, anywhere at any time. Missing your friends abroad? Yabb’s got you covered; As long as there’s a wi-fi connection, there’s a way!

You don’t have to fumble around with confusing data or messaging plans: you can get every message right there, on your phone for free.

We Yabb with Yabb Messenger’s free messaging. How do you Yabb?