Get to Know: Chilly Bear

Have you ever wanted to meet, like, a really cool dude? You know, someone you can just kick back and chill with? Someone who never makes you struggle to break the ice?

Introducing Chilly Bear, Yabb’s very own bringer of good times and chill vibes!


Chilly Bear is your go-to guy when you’re looking for animated discussion. He hangs out in Yabb’s animated stickers section, which you can reach by tapping the smiley face to the left of your chat box. But Yabb wasn’t always Chilly Bear’s home; in fact, it took him quite a long time to get where he is today.

ChillyBear_Begging_0015Chilly Bear grew up in the Arctic. He was one of many children in a large family of polar bears. Together they roamed the Arctic wilds, swimming, fishing and rushing to greet tourists, who for some reason never seemed to return Chilly Bear’s enthusiasm. It was an easy life – one of leisure and, dare we say, chillaxed-ness.

But even with his easy life, Chilly Bear craved something more. “There has to be something else out there,” Chilly Bear said one night, as he gazed out into the infinite expanse of the starry Arctic sky.

“Something more than seal blubber and snow drifts?” His siblings all scoffed. “Yeah, right.” They turned and snuggled up in the warmth of the den, quickly falling asleep.

With his family asleep, Chilly Bear gingerly pawed to the entrance of his den and looked up into the night sky. His fur glowed in the light of a shooting star. “I wish that I could see the rest of the world,” Chilly Bear said, before lying his head down in a snowdrift and falling fast asleep.


Chilly Bear awoke to the loud honking of a passing cruise ship – and the bright spark of an idea. Those big boats were constantly bringing tourists in and out of the Arctic. That meant they had to end up somewhere else, right? If only he could get onto a boat, he could finally see the rest of the world! With the idea firm in his mind, Chilly Bear rushed down the shore, frantically chasing after the cruise ship as it slowly disappeared over the horizon.

Chilly Bear ran and ran, far away from his home. His tiny den and sleeping family grew smaller and smaller behind him, even as the cruise ship continued to pull farther over the horizon. Snow fell in thick curtains, shrouding the grey Arctic sky. Before long, Chilly Bear would be lost in the wilderness, with no den to return to and no cruise ship to call home. The only thing to do was to press on. Even as the snow grew deeper, even as the ship got smaller and smaller until it eventually disappeared into the blankets of falling snow, Chilly Bear went on.

Finally, as Chilly Bear’s paws were beginning to ice up from the snow, he crested a hill and saw it – a whole town, with the cruise ship docked at the shore. A large red flag flapped in the wind above the ship, as if to herald his triumphant arrival. The flag said “San Francisco to Alaska” in large golden letters. Of course, Chilly Bear couldn’t read, so he just assumed that it said “Congratulations Chilly Bear.”

When he arrived in town, Chilly Bear realized something with a start. Every time he tried to say hi to tourists, they ran away from him! He would need a disguise in order to get onboard. Just then, a shiny orange hat and scarf caught Chilly Bear’s eye from a store window. He rushed inside to buy them. As predicted, the store owners screamed and ran – How rude! Chilly Bear donned the hat and scarf, adjusted them in the mirror, and left payment in the form of six acorns and a snowball on the counter.

ChillyBear_HappyRun_0010Just then, the cruise ship’s horn bellowed. It was leaving! Chilly Bear dashed out of the store and ran onto the ship, just in time.

As the ship left, Chilly Bear realized that he hadn’t said goodbye to his family! The sudden realization made him start to cry.

A friendly tourist heard Chilly Bear’s icy tears scattering over the floor, and came over. “What’s the matter?” the tourist asked. Chilly Bear said, “I just left home, and I wish there was some way to talk with my family!”

“Wait a minute,” the tourist replied. “Do they have a data plan?”ChillyBear_Cry_0013

“Of course,” Chilly Bear said. “We’re not animals!” What a silly question!

“Well have I got news for you!” The tourist said excitedly. He thrust his phone into Chilly Bear’s paw and opened up Yabb messenger. “With this app, you can travel all around the world and always stay close to your family! You can call, text, and even send photos!”

“Wow,” Chilly Bear exclaimed. “I love Yabb!” He quickly booted up the app, and called his family. When he told them that he was on a cruise, Chilly Bear agreed to send lots of pictures and videos as he made his way around the world.

Chilly Bear saw the world and met tons of new friends with the help of Yabb.

When it was all over, he had finally found his place in the world – inside of Yabb’s stickers section, of course! And that’s where he lives to this very day, waiting to help all of his new friends discover the world just like he did.