Spend Labor Day Together… With Yabb!

The school year has started, and everyone knows what that means: It’s time to take a long weekend after that grueling week or two of introductory classes. That’s right – it’s time to head out on your Labor Day vacation!

Whether you’re heading to the beach with the family, or travelling abroad with friends, Yabb is your hookup for fun times and easy connections this Labor Day. With our worldwide free texting and calling, you’ll be able to focus on what really matters – forgetting everything you were presented with during the first two weeks of the school year!

Text and call all you want on your vacation without worrying about overages, roaming charges, or other harsh restrictions imposed by your wireless carrier. After all, aren’t vacations supposed to be about freedom?

As it so happens, freedom is the name of the game with Yabb. With nothing more than an internet connection, it’s fast and easy to stay in contact with everyone you know. Just add all of your friends, either through Facebook or your Contacts list, and you’ll be ready to yabb with anyone, anytime. Whether you are calling your family from a foreign country or just trying to meet up for dinner after a day at the beach, you’ll find it easier than ever to keep in contact thanks to Yabb’s free social tools.

Heading off on one last vacation with your friends before the school year starts in earnest? Set up a [family chat] to keep your parents up to date with your travels, and while you’re at it, set up a group chat for your friends so you always have a place to touch base. With Yabb, you can create a group chat with up to 100 members, so you’ll be able to fit your whole group into one chat where you can create plans, share locations via GPS, and send photos and videos. Share all of your favorite moments, complete with photos, videos, disappearing whisper messages and more, from anywhere you can connect to the internet, totally free.

On the other hand, you might head off on a family retreat for Labor Day weekend. Well, no matter where you are, you can text or call friends by hopping on Wi-Fi or a data network. Edit your vacation photos to apply tons of effects, meme text, frames and more, or send out videos to your friends to show off your awesome vacation spot. Or, if things take a turn for the boring, send YouTube videos and animated stickers back and forth to keep yourself entertained. And of course, you can always take photos and videos of the fun moments, to show off whatever vacation hotspot you may have ended up in.

While you’re out and about, you can use Yabb to stay in touch with your group so you never get separated. So go ahead, walk down the boardwalk while your friends head out to explore town, or hit up the arcade while your family goes clothes shopping. When it’s time to meet up, you can send GPS coordinates, including many store names and public building names built into the app’s map, straight into your chats, making it easy for anyone to find you. And if you and your friends head off on vacation without the family, it’ll be easy to keep even the most text-happy parents up to date by sending your location through GPS at any time.

And hey, not everyone goes off on some big vacation for Labor Day. Maybe you just want to chill out, enjoy the three day weekend, and de-stress before the school year starts in proper. No problem. With Yabb, you can see who’s still around and organize a local get-together just as easily. And with free photos, videos and more, it’s always easy to stay up to date with everyone’s adventures – even when you’re doing so from underneath the covers at 3pm.

And after Labor Day weekend has finally ended, you’ll return to school fully equipped with all the free chatting tools you’ll need to thrive throughout the year. Yabb’s chatting services work whenever and wherever you are, meaning you’ll always have the opportunity to chat, plan trips, and look back on the start of a great school year. Whether or not you ever remember those first few weeks of instruction is another issue entirely.