Photo Filters

When most people think of Yabb, the first thing that comes to mind is free calling and texting. But what many people don’t realize is that the app also includes a full-featured photo editor that rivals most of the standalone editing apps out there in terms of power and flexibility.

That’s right – Not only can you call, text and chat for free with Yabb, but you can also take beautiful photos and share them with friends from the same interface!

To start out, give Yabb access to your phone’s camera. Then, you’ll have the option of choosing a photo from your library, or taking a new picture.

No matter which option you pick, a wide array of photo effects will let you tweak your pictures to perfection! Choose from thirteen amazing filter effects, including the vintage Clyde or the laid-back Boardwalk option. No matter what your favorite style or color is, Yabb has an effect for you.

After you’ve selected your filter, it’s time to choose your frames. Yabb’s frames come in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors, so you can surround your image in sleek, modern black, or go for a classic look with wooden or photo negative styles.

You can edit your photos further with stylish overlays. Like frames, Yabb’s overlays come in multiple shapes and colors. Choose your frame from black or white, cross or widescreen, and give your photos a unique style with a simple tap.

Stickers add even more personality to your pictures. Throw on mustaches, fun glasses, lightning bolts, dollars signs, sombreros and more, and liven up any picture. Just in case you go overboard, you can always undo and redo your changes with a simple left or right swipe.

Then, you can crop your photos to achieve the perfect balance. In case that’s not enough customization options for you, vignettes and blur let you add even more style to your photos.

But it’s not just overlays, stickers and frames; Yabb also features a powerful set of image editing tools. You can easily sharpen any image with a simple tap. Conversely, you can use Yabb’s Blur tool to add action blur to any shot. Remove red eyes and blemishes, change the point of focus in your photos whiten or darken images, and enhance your photo with multiple modes, including high definition, night shots, portraits, food and scenery.

So Yabb features a full suite of serious image editing tools, all for free. But what if you want to get a little more… creative with your editing? Yabb’s got your back there, too. With the Draw tool, it’s easy to draw whatever you want in your images. Give yourself a fancy suit and tie, or paint yourself into a fantasy world with your amazing artistic skills. With Draw, the options are truly endless.

If you’re not feeling so hot on coloring in your own image, you can draw and have Yabb automatically color things in for you using the Smart Color feature.

Last but not least, you can “meme-ify” your photos with text across the top and bottom of the photo. Have you ever wanted to be a meme? Now you can realize your dream of standing alongside the meme giants like Grumpy Cat and Overly Attached Girlfriend! Truly, your life is now complete.

Yabb’s built-in photo editor is so flexible, it’s crazy. You’ll love editing photos with effects, frames, cropping, editing functions, and meme tools. It’s just one more way that Yabb is so much more than a social messaging app.