Send Group Messages

Whether you’re throwing a party or just hosting a group study session, there’s nothing more exciting than getting together with all of your friends. The sort of fun that emerges from getting all of your favorite people together in one place is hard to replicate anywhere else, and can bring out the best in any situation.

Yabb knows all about the power of the group conversation – that’s why we put all the makings of a great group hangout at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere!

Yabb’s group messages offer so many communication options, you’d swear you were in the room with your friends. To start, simply tap “Group Chat” from Yabb’s main screen. Then, add anyone you want to chat with from your contacts list. Tap to accept, and your friends will automatically be added to your chat. And it’s as simple as that – you are now in a group chat with any of your contacts!

But we know that you and your friends each bring a unique personality to every chat. That’s why Yabb offers plenty of options for customizing your group messages, including images, privacy options, and more.

As you set up your group chat, you’ll be able to create a title and a custom image for everyone to see. This serves to differentiate one group chat from the others, and has the added bonus of giving you plenty of chances to share inside jokes and funny images with your friends.

Another important option when you set up your group chats is “privacy”. After all, surprises are great, but sometimes you just want a little privacy. Luckily, Yabb lets you have both. Set up a Private Chat, and only you and your friends will be able to interact in that space. Open up a Public Chat, and anyone will be able to jump in and start talking.

Naturally, any of the above information can be changed at any time by the chat admin. Swap out chat photos, change the room title, and even change the chat admin from the “Room Setting” panel within the chat.

As you chat more and more, the Room Setting page will become your best friend. Not only can you assign new admins, change privacy settings and mix up the chat settings; you can also assign custom background images and sound/vibration settings, too.

Make your friends laugh with a funny background image, or go for the heartstrings and post your favorite family photo to score extra points with your relatives. Then, enable or disable in-app sounds and vibrations so you’ll always know when your message is updated.

Just in case the whole “texting” thing isn’t a perfect substitute for in-person conversation, Yabb lets you communicate with your contacts the old-fashioned way – with your voice. Just tap and hold the mic icon in the lower right-hand corner to start recording, and let up when you’re ready to send. You voice messages will automatically send, and be visible to everyone else in the group via the chat feed.

If there’s one theme to Yabb’s group messaging, it’s customization. A group conversation should have all the dynamism and energy of an in-person talk, and with Yabb’s custom titles, images and privacy settings, you’ll feel like you’re right there chatting with your friends and