Traveling Abroad While Staying Connected

One of the most amazing perks of using Yabb is the newfound freedom you’ll have to travel anywhere in the world, confident in your ability to contact anyone, anywhere, totally free of charge. Thanks to the magic of online texting, calling and sharing, you can keep in touch with your whole crew and meet new friends anywhere on earth!

It’s an especially amazing opportunity for students and travelers who head abroad for some wayfaring adventure. As soon as you land in a new area, pop open Yabb’s “Around Me” page to meet local friends. Then, document your travels and share your memories as they happen, with anyone and everyone you want.

But the possibilities don’t end there. You can use Yabb in just about any situation…

So you’re at the Eiffel Tower, and protocol dictates that you just have to take a selfie. You frame the scene, strike a pose and hit snap. Take your photo with Yabb, and you’ll have instant access to 13 different filter effects, frames and overlays, and 24 stickers to get just the right mood in your pic. You can even head into the Yabb store to download more, free of charge! Crop your selfie, adjust the lighting, remove red eyes and blemishes – you name it, you can edit it with just a few taps. Then, once your photo looks as perfect as the sprawling Paris skyline, you can send it out to all of your contacts without worrying about roaming charges. Hello sweet freedom!

Maybe your vacation takes a little Italian detour, and you find yourself touring around Rome. Take a video to make a custom travelogue of your trip, and send off all of your Coliseum duels and gelato tastings to your friends to keep them up to date – and possibly a little jealous. Then kick back with the Pope in the Vatican, and prank call all of your friends with him using Yabb’s free international calling and texting. At the end of the day, you can head over to the Lamborghini factory in Bolognese and snap some photos and videos of the lineup. Those cars are pretty neat looking, but they’d probably look better with some of Yabb’s sticker effects overlaid on them, right? Right?

Or maybe you’re jumping out of a plane in Hawaii, and you want to record your descent through the stratosphere. One, safety first. Two, hook that phone up and start recording! If you’re really dexterous, you might even be able to sync up with a passing airliner’s Wi-Fi long enough to text your friends and brag about your incredible multi-tasking skills.

Okay, so maybe those scenarios got slightly out of hand, but you get the idea. With both Wi-Fi and data connectivity, free texting and calling, and a whole suite of photo effects and sharing tools, if you can dream it, you can Yabb it! So grab your phone, download Yabb and head out into the world, confident that you can bring all of your friends along for the ride.