Find Friends Nearby with Yabb!

Billions of people live on this planet. It’s a number so staggering that it’s hard to even picture. After all, it’s nearly impossible to imagine all of the people out there who you may never get to meet or talk to. You probably interact with at least couple people every day, if you’re lucky, but meeting new people keeps us all on edge. Where do you find them? How do you make new friends? All of the potential connections that could enrich your life are out there somewhere, swimming in an infinite sea of faces.

If only you could meet up with these strangers somehow, make friends with them, split some drinks and learn their stories. If only there was an app that enabled you to spark up conversations and create new friendships with people, view their pictures, share videos with them, and even meet in person, all for free! Wouldn’t that be the most amazing little app on your phone?

Well the truth is, you’ve already found it!

Turns out you can do just about everything with Yabb! Your favorite messenger app can do a lot more than free calls and texts. It can also open you up to a whole new world of connections, right in your backyard or a couple miles away. With just two taps, you can start meeting people nearby.

To find friends or meet some new people people near you, simply tap “More” on Yabb’s menu. From there, you’ll see the option to find “People Nearby”. Now you’re working with a list of all of the people around you who also use Yabb messenger, and who have opted in to finding new people around them.

From here, you can view photos, statuses, and general location to filter people that seem interesting to you. Tell other users that you’re “ready to chat” with a status update, and you’ll receive responses from others nearby too! It’s a totally modern and fun way to make new connections! Your new best friend could be on the other side.

When you’re ready to host your meetup, you’ll have a number of options, all of which are presented through Yabb for free.

Just like normal Yabb users, your new friends can be added to your Yabb contacts list and contacted through the app. Call new contacts to get to know them better, or start up a conversation via text. Group chats work just like they do with your other friends, so don’t be afraid to add plenty of people nearby. From there, you can send all of the same animated emojis, stickers, photos and videos that you can send with your real-life friends! You can even use Yabb’s Whisper functionality to send disappearing messages – all of your favorite Yabb features apply.

However, if an in-person meetup is more your style, you can always you’re your location through the app. Invite friends out for coffee and movies, or judge your new friends by the only standards that truly matter – their ability to hold their own in a nail-biting laser-tag match or an intelligent conversation about your favorite television show. It doesn’t matter what type of hangout you want to start; if you can find it on a map, you can send the coordinates through Yabb.

As fun as everything could be, Yabb values your security. You can always opt out of chatting with those around you, and make the locations and messages you send disappear after a customized time limit.

It’s an awfully big world out there, but with the help of Yabb’s “People Nearby” feature, you can make it feel a little bit smaller.