Sharing Pictures and Videos with Yabb!

There’s nothing better than kicking back and relaxing with some friends, watching videos and sharing your favorite moments in good company. The internet, in all its glory, can have you crying from laughter, jamming to a great song, and experiencing new places and people all in quick succession. That’s just one of the many reasons that video sharing is so important in this day and age. It’s not just important for entertaining ourselves, but also for staying up to date with world events, learning about other ways of life, keeping up with pop culture, and most importantly, watching cat videos.

With Yabb, you can have all the fun of watching great videos over drinks with friends, from anywhere in the world! Yabb’s video and photo messages are the next step in the evolution of media viewing, with lightning-quick sharing between you and all of your friends!

There are three easy ways to share videos with your friends on Yabb, all of which are accessible from within the chat menu. To find them, just tap the Plus sign next to the chat window.

The first is to take a video from within the Yabb app. Let’s say you’re chatting with your friends when suddenly, something totally video-worthy goes down. Even with the ninja-like reflexes you no doubt posses, there’s no time to switch to your camera app, hit record, and wait for your phone to catch up with you. Instead, tap “Take Photo or Video” and Yabb will jump straight to your camera app instantly, letting you capture the moment no matter how quickly it might pass.

That’s the best way to share events that are happening right now, but you’ve no doubt also got an armada of content already saved to your phone. With Yabb you can share all of your past videos, from that epic night of karaoke to the home videos you shot in your backyard.

To share videos already on your phone, just tap “Choose Video”. Anything that you’ve shot with your phone’s camera will appear, giving you access to all of the masterpieces you’ve shot in the past. Whether you’re sharing a ten-part epic shot from your phone, or a video of your dog chasing its tail really, really fast, you’ll be able to get your work in the hands of your friends easily.

You can even share photos the same way!. Just tap “Choose Photo” and select your most amazing shots to share your inner photographer with everyone on your contacts list.

The third and final option for sharing is also the most exciting. We speak, of course, of the “Send YouTube Video” option. That’s right – with Yabb, you can share the fun of all your favorite YouTube videos right in your private or group chat, with just a few taps! Whether you go to YouTube for Let’s Play videos, DIY tips, or music videos, all of the most legendary uploads from the world’s largest video sharing service are available at your fingertips.

With so many options for sharing, it’s only natural that Yabb is the best way to send videos and photos to your contacts. Start a group chat and send amazing photos and videos to your whole contacts list, or send videos that disappear after viewed using Yabb’s Whisper messages. With Yabb, the possibilities are limitless!